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Default Re: If you had to be a character...

First thought of Rowan as she is my favourite, but I think I would like to be one of Damia's children, Laria maybe - just growing up with Afra as my father in a family where gentle guidance, understanding and development of talent is a given - umm would like that! Then also because I would like to flip flop around the stars under my own power and everything just a thought away - teleportation too!

Pern: first thought of Menolly, but Sylvina is more me, I think, a strong female kind firm intelligent organiser and leader.

Freedom: Do I dare to be Kris, a strong and willful surviver? In my dreams maybe.

Doona: a child playing tails - carefree and joyful, having a whole planet to discover.

The Rowan is my favourite!

"The name rowan is believed to derive from the Norse runa - "a charm". It was often planted outside houses to ward off witches. On May Day a spray of rowan leaves was hung over doors to repel evil, and wells dressed with rowan to keep witches away. The rowan, or mountain ash, is found commonly in Scotland, sometimes clinging to a rock face."

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