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Default Re: Freedoms Ransom: It is the last book?

If there is another book I want the rock squat issue straightened out! That really bugs me how in the first 3 books they are fur bearing animals and then in Ransom they are avians! Interesting creatures who can change species at will? If there's a continuity person reading over her books this was a huge error. Pern is one thing, it was started as a short story and has expanded way beyond what Anne expected so errors will happen, tho the publishers should use Cheryl and Hans' sites to help! Well, so was this series but there wasn't as much in Thorns of Barevi for this sort of error to happen. I was just shocked to read this glaring error. It bugs me each time I re-read the series. (sorry for ranting but I just got done with the series so it's a freshly opened wound.)
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