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Default Re: News from the Weyr (Fiction)

sorry- I shouldn't've said MAVI told tales- she just didn't understand- but I mean it about Yanus. This is from dragonsong chapter 1, pg 30 in my copy UK corgi.
"Yanus had many strong reservations about putting such a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of a girl not fifteen Turns old. Not the least of these was Menolly's distressing tendency toward tune-making. Well enough and amusing now and again in the long winter evenings to hear her sing them, but old Petiron had been alive to keep her to rights. Yanus wasn't sure that he could trust her not to include her trivial little whistles in the lessons."
Yanus has alot of responsibility- he needs the children in his care to have the proper education, and as such is very wary, wouldn't you? If your reputation and that of your seahold was at stake if it got out that not only was a GIRL-and a young girl at that-teaching- but that she had messed up!

heres another bit in chapter 6 p133 in my book.
"...and a keen annoyance and anxiety about the girl."
Its another shipmaster that says when she doesn't return that it's not worth looking, and if you read on he doesn't abandon her-he orders people to keep a look out.

Its MAVI that stops her teaching others to play drums, Mavi who keeps her out of the way when Elgion arrives and Mavi who stops her singing!

AND if you look on this thread

theres a quote from dolphins of Pern about Yanus and Mavi.

I like the story-its just the last few lines don't ring right to me!
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