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Default Re: What is happening

Those who have been following the trials and tribbilations of my camper van may recall that one major item I was missing was the sink in the bathroom. The previous previous keeper had totally stripped the bathroom out and the sink was gone. They had bought a tiny little wash basin that was far too small to actually be useful, but the installation of anywhere in the room would be utterly in the way if you were using the shower.

The original one was a folding unit, not that unusual an idea, but I had only been able to find one somewhat fuzzy photograph of it. Really didn't want to buy and install a new one (aside from not wanting to spend a couple of hundred quid on it!) as it would never look right in a van of this era. Equally I didn't just want to grab any old second hand sink and throw it in as the taps would obviously not match the ones on the kitchen sink and shower.

Fine idea wanting everything to match, but never having even seen a decent photograph of the original, much less seen one for sale I didn't really think I had much chance.

Hang on, look what I just got back from picking up... exact match for the original one which had been needlessly ripped out of the van.

Little bit of damage to the one corner, but nothing we don't really expect (these things are designed to be light so are pretty fragile - once a few screws have rusted up it's very common to damage stuff taking it out) and we should be able to patch it up easily enough.

Hopefully will get that installed tomorrow. Will be really nice to have that in place as it's been a huge gaping hole in the installed equipment for months now.
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