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Default Re: meaning of the name 'The Heptite Guild'

Originally Posted by Hans View Post
Damn, we can't ask Anne any more...
Yes, it's a sorrow

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
I'm not going to stop reading My English isn't very good, but I can read fast enough, if I just catch the sense of sentences. Although, I think the book of one of my favorite autors is worth to be translated carefully, word by word, so I'll be able to understand all the shades of the sense. So it takes a lot of time, and unfortunately I'm translating the book very very slow. After all, I'm a professional software developer, not a translator

I've already read 'The Ship Who Sang' and I've found it exciting! But I haven't read yet other books in the series (it's a shame, I know ). I'm going to do it some time in the future.
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