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Default Re: meaning of the name 'The Heptite Guild'

Originally Posted by Cheryl View Post
At any rate, 'hept' would seem to refer to seven of something. The 'ite' ending I think is just to reference crystals as many mineral names end in 'ite.'
Originally Posted by Kath View Post
Cheryl beat me to it - I was going to suggest '7 founders' + 'mineral-sounding ending'
I've thought about a mineral name. I've suggested it can be an official name of crystals that singers mine. I've tried to find the word 'heptite' anywhere but in the name of the guild, and I haven't found anything. So I've decided I was wrong.
But you're right! It can be a name of an imaginary mineral, which is connected to number seven, which is connected to the history of the guild!
It's a very good suggestion. I think I can transcribe the word 'Heptite' in Russian as an imaginary word 'Гепталит', which is developed by same rules (the word 'Гептит' in Russian means an heptatomic alcohol, so I can't use it this way, and 'Гепталит' just sounds better ).
Thank you all!

Originally Posted by Cheryl View Post
Oh, and welcome to MoM, Sniff!
Thank you! Btw, 'A Meeting of Minds' is a very good name for a forum. I like it
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