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Default Re: The canon-check thread

Originally Posted by Portalvast Magus View Post
So, yeah. I strongly suspect I'm going to have recurring questions about this or canon bit about Pern due to the projects I'm working on, and also due to the fact that my books are quite a long ways away so I can't canon-check myself. So I figured, rather than cluttering up the forum with my questions in different threads, I'd stick them all here.

I hope that's ok?

Today's canon-check question is this--was the idea ever explored or touched on in the books that Robinton may have somehow been the cause of the AIVAS's "death"?

I know canon has Robinton very positively inclined towards AIVAS, so it's unlikely canon-wise that he *would* have had a hand in causing something like that in purpose, we-the-readers know that AIVAS shut himself down, but I don't remember if a minor character ever brought up the idea, only to have it shot down, or dis-proved by whatever evidence, or anything.

P. S. Cool, we have tags! ::tags this post::
The Abominators have a discussion in SoP where both the idea that AIVAS terminated Robinton and/or Robinton terminated AIVAS were bruited about. Both were complete hogwash, of course.

The implication is that AIVAS terminated commiserate with a preceding, overriding objective courtesy of the leaders of the original colonists (Bendon, Boll, and the three ship Captains), that may have specified terminating once the Pernese had achieved adequate technical know-how to maintain the settlement of the planet per the original intentions of the colonists. Said termination was subordinated to terminated the threat of Thread, but once that was accomplished and AIVAS' database was available and accessible, AIVAS terminated higher functions. It should be noted that upon the discovery of AIVAS, the machine finds no one qualified to give it orders or modify its programming. AIVAS behaves autonomously and take the initiative, which would be expected of an AI, and makes a "judgment call" in granting some degree of privileges to its discoverers and those they designate. However, that authority never extends to modifying AIVAS' programming or directives. So, effectively, AIVAS makes its own call to interact with the colonists and grant them some authority--but only against the background of its previous and overriding objectives.

(It's one of those "you don't ever think about it" points with regard to Pern, that the leaders of the original colony, and the colonists, condemned their children and their descendants to an existence of their choice...without any regard whatsoever for the potential desires or ambitions of those descendants. An interesting ethical dilemma, that, and it could rear its head now that the threat of Thread is passing and the Pernese are once again aware of their place in the universe.)
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