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I just finished this book. I believe I found a copy of the first illustrated edition. I have to say, I love the size of the hardcover, the size of the font, the pacing of the pictures and the fact that it's a shorter story. It made for a nice in-one-day read. As a big comic art fan, which somewhat applies here, I think the artist did a marvelous job most of the time. Some of the ones that incorporated text came across as dated, but I didn't mind that. I really liked the jacket for it too, it felt very fairy tale-ish and that'll lead me to the content.

This was a wonderful merging of a sci-fi concept with a fantasy fairy tale. I really enjoyed the hunting society and the body-heir contracts. That was a very cool dynamic. The heart of the improbable romance was a little cheesy and definitely felt late 70s early 80s in writing, but if I didn't like that, I wouldn't be reading these books, would I? I think as a character, Caissa felt very similar to Sara from Restoree, being flung into situations beyond her understanding or control, yet inadvertantly being part of the solutions through her romance.
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