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Default Re: Masterharper Of Pern Inconsistencies

Originally Posted by P'ter View Post
Okay, Anne wasn't perfect, with infallible recall: that's why we used to talk about Anneconsistancies.
That's why you have editors. Also, if you're writing a series over several years, you're supposed to go back and reread your earlier books, and have friends read your copy so you don't have these glaring inconsistencies.

I don't think many of her inconsistencies are from forgetfulness, as much as wanting to make the series more palatable for modern readers. When she first started, readers were more understanding of stories set in a medieval type setting where women were not equal, or treated equal. It's only today's readers who want strong, equal women who do everything men do (even if that makes no sense in a patriarchal, agrarian society)

Granted, Pern is more forward thinking in some ways (especially with sex), but it's ridiculous to insist that every society regard women the way Europe and America do. The fact is, agrarian societies tend to be much more patriarchal, with gender defined roles. Mainly because of the physical demands. And women were needed to grow the population, especially after a plague. That's the main reason having female green riders died out - because going between so much causes miscarriage and can hinder child bearing (DLG mentions that female riders are more prone to ovarian cysts because of going between).

But, going back to the original statement, I believe that Anne began to get some flack about the way she treated women, and fiction writing changed also (bodice rippers went out of style), and that's why there are so many inconsistencies in her later books.

But there was really no need (especially in books set before the original trilogy) to make so many changes. It was already set up, with the overpopulation and the discovery of AIVAS, as well as very forward looking and strong leaders in F'lar, Lessa, Robinton, and Fandarel, to have the views on women start changing in AWOP and SoP. Plus, she could have had more equality in her books set in earlier passes, without trying to modernize MHOP.
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