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Default Re: Screenwriter hired for Pern movie(s)

If somebody had asked me some years ago what I would like a Pern movie to be like, it would have been a movie for the big screens in cinemas, of course. A TV series? Impossible then, because the money just wasn´t there for the computer animations needed to make a dragon look real. Let alone whole wings of them, with riders and weyrs and all the stuff you best do with computer animations today.
But, "Game of Thrones" changed that. I love the series!
Everything about this series just looked right and believable, the medieval setting, the actors, the alien cities ... the dragons.
So, if somebody asked me today, I would prefer a whole series for TV. More room to develop charakters, relationships and so on, more room for drama, romance ... and for lots of scenes with dragons, of course. (Never forget about them, they´re what the series is all about!)

I wouldn´t mind, of course, if the book a movie series has to begin with (no questions there!), "Dragonflight", was done as a cinema movie. It was quite common back in the 70s, to create a cinema movie as a pilot episode for a whole series, to be realized or not depending on the success of the pilot movie. But mostly it´s stand-alone movies that spawn their TV series, just remember "Stargate", the movie and all the seasons and spin-offs on TV.

So, if "Dragonflight" starts as a stand-alone movie, the rest (with the same actors!) can appear as well on TV.
If whoever will be producer can get himself an excellent screenwriter, said screenwriter should be able to entwine the storylines of different books which happen in the same timeline into one long story, enabling it to jump in short episodes between the adventures of different main characters, just as GoT does.
For instance, the mainline with Lessa, F´lar and their dragonriders mixes up with the Harper Hall trilogy around Menolly and Piemur, a story which by its own would be too much of "Cinderella", but mixed into the mainline it might just serve as a needed break from the more serious mainline.
Later, when the Dawn Sisters are discovered to be spaceships and the whole series changes in earnest from medieval fantasy to sci-fi, it´s time to mix the stories about the landing on Pern and the first thread falls experienced by the terrified colonists into the "present" storyline around the rediscovered AIVAS and its plans for Pern´s future.
And I´m sure, that somewhere in the definitely more than one TV season you´d get out of all the material that is in the books, there will be space too for the story of Moreta and other episodes that happened somewhen between "present" and "landing".

This way, even somebody who knows the books by heart, would experience new thrills by the way the different books intertwine with each others, knowing what will happen but here, in the TV series, not how exactly.

* Please excuse me poor language, me is German! *
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