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Default Re: Screenwriter hired for Pern movie(s)

Originally Posted by Spock View Post
Why would they start with Dragonriders of Pern though? That may have been the first published but it isn't the first "chronologically".

Having said that, if they film it, I will see it, no matter where it starts.
This is in "moho" where the meat of the Pern stories begins, ( none of Todd's ) All the other books in other Passes, are branches and/or results of stories within this 9th Pass,
What concerns me more is this line from the web page " restore the ancient tradition of dragon-riding and uncover the secret history of the planet." Is this an indication they are going to Twist the story line? Dragonriding didn't need restoring. And What Secret of the planet did I miss that wasn't explained in the forewards?
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