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Default Re: Screenwriter hired for Pern movie(s)

I've followed her on FB, in case she posts any updates...

I did find this article shortly after Sarah Cornwell's debut novel was published which mentions a bit of her screenwriting:

AC: How did writing a novel compare to writing screenplays? Have the two crafts informed each other?

SC: Writing a novel took me 10 years! I hope the second one doesnít take that longÖ Novel-writing is like a relationship you must nurture through hard times, and which ultimately rewards you in a profound and personal way. Screenplays are more like short stories, both in their possible scope and in their highest rewards: moments of otherwise inarticulable insight into a circumstance, a moment, a slice of life. In my screenwriting, it is a thrill to work in a collaborative medium, and to make use of visual storytelling tools (a director will change and interpret and hopefully improve what Iíve written, and actors will add complexity and depth to my characters) but itís also frustrating to lose the flexibility of prose, where you can follow a thought process or a memory, and need not be bound to visible action. Working in two mediums has brought me invaluable insights; clarifying the distinctions between the two forms has helped me to make better and more conscious use of the tools each medium affords. I have my mentors at the Michener Center to thank for that Ė for forcing me to try screenwriting, something totally new, and for knowing it would open doors both creatively and professionally.
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