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Default Re: Hubble finds most distant primeval galaxies

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Kath do you the glass prints plate archives? Only way I can explain it.
Sorry - we publish papers in scientific journals, but also have an online archive for pre-prints - pre-publication copies of the paper. Sometimes we wait until they've been accepted by a journal before putting them on the archive, and sometimes they go up even earlier, as soon as a paper is written! That's often frowned on, unless it's a really, really important subject.

When the data for these papers arrived back from Hubble, the first teams got their results on the pre-print archive within just a few days!! [Most likely, they wrote the paper before getting the data, with different possible interpretations and implications depending on whether they saw more or fewer galaxies than predicted by the theorists - then just chose the text to fit!] Once the first team had their science out, the rest followed over the next week or so. Not necessarily a bad thing, as you can spend a bit more time being certain the science is perfect. Either way, most of the big papers were impressively swift to come out, and they all had some exciting results.
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