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Default Re: Anne's book dedications

Heard back from the Tidmarsh Stud, thanks to Fiona Harter.

It's a dressage training centre and arab stud farm.

Ron and Chris retired about 19 years ago and their current whereabouts is unknown to the stables (or even if they are still alive).

It is suggested that if Anne was wanting info on arabs (for book or R.L.) then Chris was a very logical choice of person to go to.

The equine dedicatees were all members of Chris' stud and their plaques are still around.

Fiona says that they were also mentioned in Dick in "Photo Finish" as Chris was also a photographer. Problem: there is no such book. The one to do with photography is called "Reflex". I'll have to re-read it. The only other logical choice is "Flying Finish" which is about equine transport.
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