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Originally Posted by pearldiver View Post

(I think the Doylist explanation is that she's introduced in Dragonflight, which despite being speculative fiction is heavily influenced by the romance genre, and in classic romance novels the only women who get to be as pretty as the heroine are evil sluts - so Kylara gets to be attractive but Bad, and Jora gets to be ugly and dead.)
Jora was "pretty" when she came to the Weyr. F'lar mentioned this when F'nor wasn't happy that their wing had only brought Lessa back, and said they should have gone back for "that one in Crom and the pretty . . ."

"Pretty?" F'lar retorted . . . "Pretty? Jora was pretty," he spat out cynically.

Search riders often took advantage of Search to bring in new bed-mates. I don't recall who brought Jora in, or whether she was the only candidate for Nemorth. Maybe they initially thought it was just flying that terrified her, and it didn't matter that much because they already weren't allowing queenriders to fly.

Anyway there must have been something happening between Jora and F'lon, as she grieved deeply and went into a decline when he was killed. That was a reference in Dragonflight, though. It could have been F'lon's father, or maybe R'gul, who made her life miserable. Guess I'll have to read Masterharper of Pern again and refresh my memory. (Oh joy! There's so much back-history in that book, and so much of it doesn't match what follows.)
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