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Default Re: When has Anne McCaffrey become answerable to Feminists?

Not to mention BDSM is not an "orientation." You are not genetically predisposed to like it rough or have to take orders. (Which you're not very good at, clearly.)

There are plenty of books written explicitly to cater to rape fantasies and the like. They're in the erotica section. Look 'em up.

Originally Posted by AnnMarie
Elizabeth Plantagenant. Eleanor of Aquitane was second only to her husband... everyone else stepped VERY carefully around her. Emperess Maude. Joan d'Arc. Catherine Medici.
The Borgia women. Elizabeth and Mary Tudor. Mary, Queen of Scots. Isabella of Spain. Heck, Catherine of Aragon, first Queen of Henry VIII, lead troops into battle. Empress Theodora of Byzantium. Heck, let's go back farther...Livia, wife of Augustus Caesar. Boadicea.

Who knows what they liked in the bedroom? Dom or sub or plain vanilla, they all managed to not stand around and smile and nod and let everyone else drive the action, or resort to REALLY silly stunts like Lessa and Brekke in DQ. (Not that that's the biggest problem with that book...really, I would LOVE to know what the original draft looked like when it was about, allegedly, Lessa and F'lar.)

But hey, you want to believe that Dragonsong is about Menolly running away from her oppressive family to be in a teacher/student submissive relationship with Robinton, it's not a VALID interpretation based on the text, but it's your head....
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