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Default Re: Afra: Questionable attraction?

A large age gap doesn't necessarily imply inequality. Damia was the far stronger Talent, even though her whammy of boosting other Talents helped Afra develop into a T-2 and brought his level as close to Prime as he was comfortable with.

Afra certainly never acted on his attraction to the barely pubescent Damia. You can't help your feelings, after all, only how you decide to act on them, or not. Afra certainly held back, even in situations where far lesser men might not have.

Sascha hadn't thought twice about Tirla as other than the child she physically was, until he precogged marrying her. However, by the time those two met, Tirla had been making a fairly decent living in Linear G and surviving more or less on her own. That would mature anyone, so a 12 year old Tirla can't be compared mentally to a modern 12 year old who's barely let out of her parents' sight except when she's at school. And even there she's supervised most of the time by other adults.
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