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Default Re: Afra: Questionable attraction?

Originally Posted by Kath View Post
What Anne overlooks, and what rubs me up the wrong way about the Afra/Damia and Sascha/Tirla (and even the Sodan/Damia) relationships, is that people generally don't stop maturing at age 16. Of course, the audience she's appealing to with these relationships is usually 110% convinced that they're as grown up as they're ever going to get, so it passes them by completely - but I'd love to see some more examples of changes/increased maturity in some of these relationships, where the women in question are more than just a cardboard cut-out of their younger selves with a handful of kids running around their ankles.
Actually, in Towerverse, sixteen seems to be the age of majority. So think of Damia and Tirla as eighteen-year-olds if it helps.

At the age of majority, you're legally considered an adult, and conditionally assumed to be responsible enough to make your own decisions. Of course, as the citizens of a "civilized" country, the popularized "opinion" on sex and sexuality -- that sex and sexuality are "unnatural" and "off limits." -- has been all but permanently burned into your brain by your parents before you acquired the reasoning capacity to question them.

Granted, you could've "resisted" that indoctrination -- I did, and where there's there could be others -- but.... The result of this indoctrination is the criminalization of what is primarily a biological process -- and thus entirely natural by definition.

Personally, I take the view that sex is only sex -- something to be shared and enjoyed instead of hidden behind closed doors and puritanical attitudes. But then again, I'm not much into repressive notions in general anyways. Of course, I fully realize -- and accept -- that this viewpoint of mine won't exactly win me any popularity awards.

...Anyways, both Afra and Schala restrained their emotions. There is a distinct difference between experiencing list and sating lust.

On the part of Damia, she's the one who made the first move, so she obviously was willing. As for Tirla, are you forgetting the fact that her harsh childhood (with plenty of allusions to Lessa) matured her to the point that Rhyssa observed at least once that Tirla was "sixteen going on two hundred", and she was worried that Schala might not be able to cope, not Tirla?
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