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Re: Afra: Questionable attraction?

Originally Posted by Sandi View Post
One thing that never seems to get mentioned in threads like this is that Afra imposed a form of mental control on Damia when she was just a baby, supposedly to make coping with her easier for the Rowen, near as I remember. I think there is a possibility that Damia was so conditioned to respond to Afra that she would be unlikely to ever "give herself" to anyone else.
I've re-read Damia recently...the strongest form of mind control that was done was Afra's hypnotic suggestion that Damia fall asleep when the proper trigger song was this case, rock a bye baby. That re-appears in the story again when Afra's surprised it still works on Deneb, and I think it's the only thing that was done without Jeff's permission. Presumably, the other, milder suggestions placed with Jeff's consent had worn off. We're never told what they are, but there's no suggestion that they're Afra-specific, and it's specifically said the Rowan would go ballistic if she even found the "mild" stuff, so I doubt they would have a long-lasting effect.

I don't think Damia was conditioned to respond to Afra (beyond the...Author ex machina? It's a Romance, so of course the two AMC wanted to get together will get together. So there's obviously a certain setup of circumstances that the author puts into play.) I think that, even if Afra's contact with the baby-Damia had been downplayed or eliminated, as a teen she would have become fascinated by a handsome older man that always had time for her, whom she probably couldn't read very well due to his Methody would give him an air of mystery to her, I think, and she, being a cocky little thing, probably would have tried the same stunts on him just to see what the hell he would do.
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