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I just reread To Ride Pegasus and Pegasus in Flight. I noticed another questionable pairing in TRP - Sally Iselin and Daffyd op Owen. She is struggling to hide her own feelings for him because it would look so inappropriate, the much younger woman... Granted it's not the same as "waiting to grow up" but it's yet another example of the age disparity.

And in Pegasus in Flight, I found the spot that reveals Sascha's thoughts on the matter.

When Tirla is eager to go back into the Linears and help with the investigation, and is hurt by Sascha's vehement refusal:

"Give yourself a little break. We didn't catch Yassim, and if he spots you, he'd have you wasted so fast, none of us could help you."

Tirla noticeably paled.

Dorotea: Well, she's still afraid of Yassim!

Tirla seemed so afraid that Sascha gathered her up in his arms and rocked her. "Yassim can't get you here in the Center, Tirla. You're safe here."


"With the slender little body curled trustfully in his lap, Sascha permitted himself just a few moments to caress her hair and savor the feel of her in his arms. Why Tirla? Of all the women in the world, how could this little waif, streetwise and precocious, have become so entangled in his emotions and heart? She could not possibly understand how much she meant to him. She was far to young for that aspect of maturing to have touched her. And yet... she responded to him as she did to no one else. With a final little hug, he put her from him as gently as he could. One day, eight or nine years in the future...


Food for thought. I was always bothered far more by Afra/Damia than by Sascha/Tirla.
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