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Default Re: (Potential Adult Topic) Dragons Sexual Selection

I was really only skimming ED's overlong quoted replies, but I have one major objection to the following:

Lady M beat me to the post on picking up an a ref from Dragonsdawn about the original colonists. Which basically came down to, eveyone was expected to contribute to the next generation - regardless of there sexual orientation. So clearly, and obviously not all the colonists were straight and hetrosexual. In fact Telgar makes reference to that. Obvioulsy being gay wasn't an issue to signing up for being a Pern colonist. In fact I doubt that sexuality would have been an issue at all in being able to join the colony. Take a look at the short story "The Second Weyr;" no one blinks an eyelid at the fact there is an openly gay blue-rider.
Yeah about that passage...that's a bit disturbing. "Look Bob, I know the idea of sleeping with a woman totally revolts you, but you signed the contract, so get in there and take one for the Colony!" "I'm sorry, Mary, I know you're totally not into this man-woman thing, but it says right here you're going to contribute to the Colony's growth, so take it off! Chuck's waiting! And heck, it'll all be over in nine months...this time. You will, of course, be expected to squeeze out a few more to hit our growth target." C'mon! How many ways does the very idea violate a person's rights? Effectively, the only way it couldn't is if no strict homosexuals (only bisexuals) were permitted to join the Colony. Maybe we all ought to forget that one exists...rather like F'nor's idea of seduction, eh?
As I've pointed out in another response, that's a disturbing passage. There is simply know way it can do anything but violate the rights of strict homosexuals. Bisexuals would be okay with it, but strict homosexuals...?

Would we require heterosexuals to engage in homosexual affairs against their will? Why would we consider it right to force homosexuals to engage in heterosexual affairs? So either the Pern Colony recruited only heterosexuals and bisexuals, or it didn't much respect individuals' rights, particularly strict homosexuals.
During the immediate period after Landing - throughout Dragonsdawn, and probably further - they are using artificial insemination on all their livestock. Why in the world wouldn't they be able to use that to increase their own population, rather than putting people in the position E-D seems to think would be necessary?

I just remembered the name of the book I was trying to remember - Mirabile, by Janet Kagan - which involves a struggling planetary colony, in which even people not suited for parenting still have to contribute to the gene pool (by AI) and those who are, foster the extra children. Sounds pretty familiar, doesn't it?
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