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Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
E.D....I'm really not to sure I would have room on my paper to draw the Fandarel you discribed...he would be very large indeed

You have some very difinite ideas about what Fandarel should look like[like we all do]...but I think you are certainly the best one, that could do a drawing that would suit your very personal vision.

I intend to try
The guy I flew with was, indeed, huge. Spent way too much time in the gym. Great guy, however, with a sweetheart of a wife and a darling daughter who thankfully looks entirely like her mother! Of course the poor girl will never have a date with her father answering the door when the boy shows up...

I'd certainly do drawings of characters, but drawing live figures is not a talent I possess, as I've stated before. I'm a decent draftsman, but not an artist.

My comments are offered constructively and my benediction to continue the good work is certainly not sarcastic. I'd like to think we can trade competing visions openly as we have in the past with no hard feelings or misconceptions courtesy of intrusive third-parties.

And, BTW, this work is a fine tribute to Andre the Giant who was at his best in the Princess Bride (probably the most humorously quotable film ever). Who knew he had such comedic timing? And so enjoyable that he did!

P.S. Looking again at the dimensions of your image (HxW) I can appreciate the space limitations...good point.

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