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Default Re: Fandarel

Greenrider Tresa..thank you so much for your lovely compliment...

Golden Talisath...glad to hear that you like it so for F'lar, keep your eyes on just never know who's going to show up...

I think the portrait of F'lar, that Cav is talking about was only a quick lead pencil...not a real portrait...that is yet to be seen very dear friend, PLEASE...a Pern Frankenstein??? !!! Oh Lord...I never realize that YES indeed, the flame thrower does go right through his head. Weeeeeeell, if anyone could figure out what could be done with certainly would be him...

Cilla...well just think of it this way...on Pern it wouldn't be would have to be parts of a flame thrower...Fandarel really seemed to hate having to fix all of them...its not out of the realm of possibilities that he would finally let one of them go to his head....

R' just makes me feel wonderful that you enjoyed it so much that you wanted to share it with someone else...thanks for the fantastic compliment you made my day...
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