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Default Re: (Potential Adult Topic) Dragons Sexual Selection

Yes and look at Ruth and Jaxom, one was considered to be a dragon runt and the other, most people thought would never amount to anything, even as a Lord Holder if you're looking at the weirdest choices made by either side. So draconic choices can be easily influenced by a rider as much as the rider's affected by the dragon. A case of take your point and run with it.

Also it's worth remembering that when Pern and its dragons were first being written, it was during a time when ladies didn't get much mention in written sci-fi/fantasy, they were simply there to hang off a male's arm and look good, especially if you comparing Burroughs's books of the time to nowadays, where there's a lot of strong female characters where the shoe is on the other foot and it's the man on the female's arm, hopefully making her look good. (I'll probably get stood upon for making these comments but it's just from reading those books and comparing them to what's written now and there's a lot of differences made).

Also as Electric Dragon was saying about the first 3 passes, 6th pass, very little of #8 and mainly 9th pass is where we're getting the most information. If there was a more complete history from the days of Landing to say even up to a so called 10th pass, then we'd be able to comprehend and answer the questions rising in this thread but as there's a huge gap ...........hhhhmmmm........... it produces just more questions and possibilities of a rider's/dragon's choices regarding sexuality.
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