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Default Re: (Potential Adult Topic) Dragons Sexual Selection

Originally Posted by ElectricDragon View Post
Like the male dragons, the gold dragons never lack for an adequate number of female candidates, so they do not need to Impress a male homosexual. In fact, as a matter of proportion, golds have more candidates per capita than the male dragons. At many of the hatchings, there are anywhere from a handful to a double handful of girls standing for a single queen eggs, while there are 40-50 boys standing for 30 other eggs.

I think the only logical way such Impressions would occur would be for scarcity of candidates. They occur with greens for the same reason. So anything could happen, but the circumstances to precipitate such a thing would have to be quite extraordinary. Obviously the author and anyone fantasizing bout her work are free to do as and imagine whatever they like.
The only thing that this theory does not account for is why no green dragons ever just walk over to a gold candidate, if sex is more important than personality. If gender were that important, it seems like there would be stories of a gold candidate getting picked by a green, or more stories like Mirrim.

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