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Default Re: (Potential Adult Topic) Dragons Sexual Selection

Before everybody jumps ship, this is just my two cents.

It seems to me that Candidate sexual preference does not matter as much as we all think. Brown riders definitely have a history of both homosexual and hexterosexual riders but it does seem that AM backs up in most of her works the dragon decides, the rider complies. However this does not mean a rider's conscious thought can't change things. Dragonquest is a good example of both. When F'nor goes to visit the Smithcrafthall at Telgar, he see the Fort Weyr brown-green pair. Their riders have both made the decision to be weyrmates, thus acknowledging their 'leanings'. However, F'nor when he sees them worries about Canth being upset and mentions that Canth has no shortage of partners. Seeing as all greens at this point are ridden by males, F'nor must have engaged in homosexual sex, but we all know that he is hextereosexual. There are also mentions of several green and blue riders having affairs with women. Therefore, it would seem that sexual preference does not matter much on moment of Impression. Indeed, there seems to almost be a checklist from what is in the books:

1. Telempathic ability
2. Complementary personality(notice use of the word complementary)
3. Will (combination of stubborness and determination. All riders have it. Some in unhealty amounts. i.e. T'ron and T'kul way too stubborn)
4. Nature
5. Gender match
6. Rest of criteria, including sexual preference.

As you can see, sexual preference is low on the list. Indeed it seems that all riders can have whatever preferences they want, but they gotta make their dragon happy, and that means mating flights with whoever their dragon wants.
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