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Default Re: Your Pern Movie Cast

I just can't stay away from a Casting thread I have a HUGE list, but I'll just mention the ones I like most -

Lessa - Amy Lee from Evanescence!!! She just seems perfect with that dark look and I don't think she's very tall either. I just can't picture anyone else as Lessa.

F'lar - James Caviesel (Passion of the Christ)

Piemur - Ben Savage. He's too old now for some of the earlier parts, but watching reruns of Boy Meets World, he fits perfectly.

Jaxom - Tom Welling could work, but he seems too built. How about Jake Gyllienhall?

Sebell - Michael Shanks (gotta have a Stargate person in there somewhere )

Sallah Telgar - From the very first moment I've always imagined her as Famke Jansen

Meron - I agree with the suggestion John Noble.

thats all for now
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