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Default Re: If bad news travels fast...

Mara (goddess), from Latvian mythology
Mara (folklore), a specter or wraith-like creature in Germanic and particularly Scandinavian folklore, thought to cause nightmares. Also called spirit of confusion.
Mara, also Marzanna, Murava, Morana, Moréna or Morena, in Slavic peoples mythology, the goddess of darkness, death, winter, the Moon and horror
Naomi (Bible), self-named Mara, meaning "bitterness", after she suffered the deaths of her husband and her two sons
Mara, a Sanskrit and Pali word meaning death-bringing or the destroying
Mara (Hindu goddess), the goddess of death according to Hindu mythology
Mara (demon), a "demon" of the Buddhist cosmology, the personification of Temptation
Sri Mara or Mara Varma, an honorific title of the Pandya kings of south India
In Hindu mythology, a mantra told to Valmiki to chant
Mara, an abbreviation of Mayura
Mara, in old Bable,representation of a pink flowered cherry blossom. Also know as "Tree of Mara".

Mara is also a Slavic nickname for Maria, and has appeared in sci-fi since the start of the genre/
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