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Default Song in the Silence released as ebook

I'm sorry I'm a bit behind the news as semi-professional supporter and fan of Elizabeth Kerner's wonderful books, but...

Song in the Silence has been available (only in the United States) as an ebook since April 1, 2010! (what an auspicious date, where did I read it before...)

The book seems still available as a paperback but has long since been out of print as a hardcover (which is repaidly becoming a collector's item).

The ebook

For a mere $5.99 you are the proud owner of the Amazon Kindle version:

It is also available for Apple's iPad through the iBook store (only for US customers).

and several other formats. Check out the Macmillan website for more information:

For those of you with an iPhone: you can download a free app so you can be able to download and read Kindle books on your iPhone!
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