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Default Re: Elizabeth's computer troubles and various

Originally Posted by eann View Post
Humans who sit on cats can get a butt full of claws if they're not careful! Or a flat cat. I have black cats so I have red seating.
So do we, I've done that one or twice, lol at myself, they also like to lay behind my desk chair and I don't hear him, or under my computer desk, he more like a dog than a cat in that way, he one that don't like to pick up, but is one who like meeting new folks, today we had someone new over and he came out in the hallway, I call him and he came back, I told the lady I was meeting head on in he'll follow, I was right he could pick up a dog on her, and he was being a good kitty both of them, they both came over and said hi, in there own way.

I hope to get some extra help for myself, that why the meeting, Ginny
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