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Default Re: Possible List Of Hold Foundings

Originally Posted by Brenda View Post
ED, something you don't seem to be taking into account: the story "The Second Weyr" shows Benden Weyr being established before the Hold of that name; I'm not sure that there were any Holds on the east coast yet at that point. Telgar Hold is already established, so it's no surprise that they call the Weyr by that name, but "Benden" is a new name at that point.
Yeah, that was a bit of RetCon (or maybe just elaboration) detail that came later.

It really doesn't matter much whether Benden Weyr or Hold came first, the purpose and intent were unchanged.

That Telgar was already established is also prefectly reasonable with the settlement pattern, as IIRC it was primarily a mining operation first. IIRC, Telgar's later glory, stature and size were the result of recent construction immediately prior to 9th Pass.

When you look at the settlement pattern, and the AoP, there is a marked lack of settlement on the Telgar plains, and along the Great Dunto River and its three branches, of which the Telgar River is one. Compared to holds scattered all over Keroon, it speaks to some sort of difficulty in settling the area. In all probability, being grasslands, there aren't a lot of places with much stone or many caves. And I still suspect cataracts somewhere along those rivers to make transporting the appropriate materials difficult as well.
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