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Default Re: So--who does original fic?

Well, my fanfiction is online (Holdless, on The New Kitchen Table) and despite the amount of work I put into it, it's not being read.

My original fiction is something else, and that's spiral-bound and at home.

Unlike the scenario someone mentioned earlier, I wrote the original fiction first, then the fan-fiction as a writing exercise to see if I could write in someone else's universe. It proved to be harder than I'd expected, no shape-shifting telepathic aliens allowed, and no magical planets. The most that I could do in that style on Pern was a few true dreams and precognitions.

I'd be inclined to keep the two separate. Anything that I ever intended to sell, wouldn't go online, except for individual scenes. If I was into short stories, they wouldn't go online at all. My son's the short story writer. Mine turn into trilogies (hey, haven't I heard that before - from Anne???)

The biggest deal with online stuff - my own included - is that I can't remember the last time that I read one that was finished.
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