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Default Re: Writing Discussion: Super-powered characters

Just a late chime in to the thread...

I like to Role-Play from time to time.. Star wars stuff at the moment. You basically have the same issues, trying to make a campaign fun and interesting..but in such a way that a Force User (Jedi) can simply run all over you.

Two rules I like to remind folks, is that the Force does not ALWAYS work in the way you think, or in all areas or people. There are things that the Force cant deal with..Superman was a super being here on earth, but back home, he would have been just one of the normal folks. There are always ways to negate a power or ability. And any character that places all of his faith on only the abilities and nothing else, usually learns a hard lesson.

Also, folks who tend to 'show off' their abilities and such, and constantly use them, tends to draw the attentions of OTHER beings, who would simply LOVE to get a hold to that person.

I used to have a player in a Highlander game, who went around flaunting the fact that he was immortal. Well, this game also had other "immortals' in it as well, and they quickly found out, that Vampires simply LOVE the food source that would not die...

And, as someone else pointed out, there are ways of setting up challenges, that their powers alone will NOT get them out of it. Keeping a story or game balanced, takes a bit of practice.

Good luck!
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