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Default Re: Writing Discussion: Super-powered characters

Loops and flaws in superpowers is one place where it's handy to be able to bounce ideas around with someone else. It's easier for someone other than the creator to think of ways that the super-character might be vulnerable.

During the time that my son and I were pinching each other's characters, he played my telepathic Flamelord High King as a half-elf in a Dungeons and Dragons scenario. Until, that is, one of the other characters accidentally killed him with a cone of ice that backfired. After that my son was forbidden to play super-humans. I'd never thought of Avorel being vulnerable to ice or cold, but it made sense once someone else pointed it out. It turned out that wasn't all that my telepathic exotic aliens were vulnerable to. By the time we'd bounced ideas around, shape-shifting telepaths weren't able to have babies, some were prone to teleport sickness, and all were vulnerable to mind-flash - the effect of being too close when somebody loses their temper, some could go flipside, and most were prone to burnout. And that was only one afternoon of discussion.

I'm not sure I want to let my son loose on my exotic telepathic aliens again!
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