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Default Re: So--who does original fic?

Uh...publishers aren't going to rewrite their contract unless you're Stephen King. MAYBE. At the very least, someone who's consistently demonstrated their ability to earn out their advance and actually start making them some serious money. Which is almost no one. (However if you're J.K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyer you could probably ask from some truely batshit insane clauses and get it because when you make THAT kind of money, you can do what you want!) YOU don't get to write the contract. They do. If you have an agent or a lawyer, they can advise you whether or not to sign, but unless you're someone who matters in the grand sceme of things, if you say "I don't like this part" they'll say "we have ten other nobodies lined up who won't ask questions."

If you publish it on-line, you eliminated a right that the publisher is buying, making it worth less to them. So why take the chance? Wait until you have leverage before asking for anything. At this point, I can sell bitsy things and am good enough to get personalized, rather than form-letter, rejections on big things, so I'll wait until I make some actual money before putting my property at risk.
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