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Default Re: So--who does original fic?

Originally Posted by Anareth View Post
But honestly, it's not worth it. The odds are VERY long anyone would ask to buy it after seeing it on-line, and the feedback from the average on-line reader is of little to no value. I have a short list of people who get to read my stuff to critique (poor Shalyn being one of them) but there's no reason to put it on-line. If I were, it would be to self-publish via something like Amazon and that would be with an eye to making sales and makign it more palatable to an agent or publisher, who are after all about money at the end of the day.
I don't get your reasoning that having your work online at some point is going to kill things dead (excluding scenarios where an author is stupid enough to put their work online AFTER selling it to someone, without even getting that someone's permission to put it online). Where are you calculating these odds from? I get that you're against it, and also that you agree that it makes things easier to steal, but I'm not seeing the counter-arguments to my own, why it would definitively damage the ability of your story to sell. (I'm honestly interested...I just don't see your arguments yet.)

Touching on another topic...The feedback of your average on-line reader has different values, depending on the particular person who is making a comment on your work. Just take a look at the reviews on Not much different than reviews on a story posted on a message board forum. Your average on-line reader is representative of your average book buyer. There's also a smaller, sliver-thin number of readers who are critical and analytical enough to articulate what they feel when they read a book, but those types of readers are the wanna-be writers and beta readers and editors (or in some cases professionals and not wannabes at all), and only make up a fraction of the actual book-buying public. It's the average reader that you're trying to snag, not just the want to make money now, not 100 years after you're dead and your genious (sp?) is finally recognized. So if your book gets 1,000 unique comments online somewhere that are vaguely positive, and everyone else around you gets like 2, that's an indicator that *something* is going on. (Hard to say what; sometimes I wish I had a degree in statistics. It's really very fascinating.) This is why I get antsy when looking at my hits and comments on trying to correlate them to the worth of my fics. They *say* something, just have to figure out what. And also, what the silence means.

Re: Timestamping--yeah, it could be counterfeited. I'm not going to argue; it's a situation that could come up in theory but not one that interests me.

Re: Writing for fun--I see the topic came up, but I'm not sure what it's connected to. How'd this subject creep in?
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