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Default Re: Writing Discussion: Super-powered characters

You can use character personality to put a stop to things too--the problem with that solution, for myself at least, is that even if ONE person doesn't have the personality to use it, someone else in your world might not have the restraint. Then, if your super-powers don't have any rules, it's really easy to fall into a trap where *some* character, bad guy, good guy, or just random guy in your world, can do whatever the heck they want. Which can work, if you really want it to--you can try very hard to make the only person with those powers your character with the personality that makes it hard for them to use them.

In my shoes, I suspect I might fall into a position where I'd end up being a hack with my own work...I'd end up giving SOMEONE else the powers, and they would certainly have a different personlity. At least if I put rules on the "physical" nature of magic, I can keep myself from cheating.

Oh, temptation...
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