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Default Re: So--who does original fic?

Originally Posted by Anareth View Post
There's another thing, pro writers don't write for fun.

Very, very few authors have paper copies and almost no one who started writing in the last twenty years is going to have handwritten anything around.
Yep, Anareth, I quite agree. I have several projects (i.e. books) I would love to write, but I can't afford it right now. I have a contract, I write those books - and these days, part of the contract states that you're not going to be working on other stuff while you're under contract to them! Hard to police, but I can understand it, in a way.

I have been writing for - oh, since I was in my teens, though not professionally until about 1995 - and since acquiring my first word processor, I have had the merest sprinkling of handwritten notes and they mostly had to do with how much I had to write that day to reach my quota! A few character notes, but not even so much of that.
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