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Default Re: So--who does original fic?

My friend writes for Baen. Some of his old stuff is in the free library because it was out of print and wasn't making money anyway, but if enough people download it they might ask for another one (which would be printed and bound as a real book.) (By the way: please all go download "Doc Sidhe" by Aaron Allston. He says he wont' write more of that series until he has a contract.) Baen's also a low-volume house--they take one or two authors a year and at least under Baen himself had very direct high-level involvement. They even do personalized rejection letters which Tor/Daw/etc do not.

There's another thing, pro writers don't write for fun. Aaron LIKES the Doc Sidhe world, but he doesn't work on it because Baen isn't guaranteeing they'll pay for another, so his time is more productively used on other projects. I don't write fan fic any more because my writing time is limited and unless it's something I can blow out in two hours ("One Sunlit Day" took approximately that long and I was watching TV at the time, too) it takes too much.

If I would you I would NEVER rely on a PC timestamp as proof of anything. *I* could figure out how to tamper with that. That's a useless proof in court if it came to that. Handwritten notes--also useless and very hard (and lawyer-time expenseive) to prove age. Very, very few authors have paper copies and almost no one who started writing in the last twenty years is going to have handwritten anything around. Now, I could MAYBE prove it on one MS because I have a copy in a postmarked envelope returned from a publisher (I would never expect the slushpile readers to remember it, though.) And it's an earlier draft.

But honestly, it's not worth it. The odds are VERY long anyone would ask to buy it after seeing it on-line, and the feedback from the average on-line reader is of little to no value. I have a short list of people who get to read my stuff to critique (poor Shalyn being one of them) but there's no reason to put it on-line. If I were, it would be to self-publish via something like Amazon and that would be with an eye to making sales and makign it more palatable to an agent or publisher, who are after all about money at the end of the day.
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