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Default Re: Kolmar in real life

Hans, P'ter, you lads are quite amazing! Steven and I are already planning a trip to the one in France! (well, sortakinda - once the pound is a bit stronger)

I thought I made it up. I DID make it up, I just didn't realise that somebody (sombodies) else came up with it first!

I, like many fantasy authors, sometimes steal real names. There is a place called Trollingwood (which struck me as deeply bizarre in the midst of urban South Carolina), and a place called Eynhallow too. I suspect other place-names are common as well, though I thought I made up Lanen Kaelar and Maran Vena. Haven't the heart to Google them! Mostly I just like the sounds, and they fit in with the character of the place or the people. I tend to have an Anglo-Saxon bent to my constructions, though occasionally a Finnish influence comes in. I think I was frightened by the Kalevala at an early age!
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