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Default Kolmar in real life

I've done this for years with everything named Pern. Being such an avid fan and busy with all things Pern almost every day I jst can't help myself. Anywhere I see the name or even when the word is being part of another name, my eye is attracted to it. And this doesn't happen in relation to Anne McCaffrey's Pern alone! [in Denmark: oh... Valdemar. Take a picture...]

So, when I became a fan of Elizabeth Kerner and the Tales of Kolmar that same habit started in relation to the wonderful world of Kolmar.

And here's where we can get rid of all that accumulated, mostly useless and often obscure bits of information and visual imagery named Kolmar...

I've never asked Elizabeth how she came by the name, but the first time I read it I thought I heard the name before. And I did. I heard it as the German name for the Polish city of Chodzież

It was also the name of a "Standesambt", a civil registration district located in Kreis Kolmar, province of Posen of the German Empire (1871–1918)

and a newer picture:

For those able to rad German:

It's also the name of a rather beautiful littel city in Northeastern France. The French spell it Colmar, the Germans (its next door neighbours) as Kolmar:

also known as little venice (but there are dozens of cities known as that!)

Next time I'm in the region (the Alsace is not too far) I will definitely try to visit Kolmar / Colmar!

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