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Default Re: Who is Elizabeth Kerner?

Originally Posted by Lanen View Post
Cheryl -

I tend to run screaming from the great big cons (also can't usually afford to get there, e.g. Dragon*Con, alas). The smaller cons are so much more fun, you get time to talk with more people and get past 'hello how are you' before something else distracts your attention.

That said, I did go to the last 2 Glasgow Worldcons and thoroughly enjoyed them. Met all sorts of folks, which was a blast. They tended to be professional contacts, though, not pals. It was such fun in Copenhagen! And glad you all enjoyed the reading. I did too! I don't get to read my work out loud, much, and I do love to do it. Heh heh - and Cheryl, I do have a slight advantage in pronouncing the dragon names. After all, I made them up! (Well, no, actually I didn't - but I heard them whispered in my head and have known them for years...)

Sorry. Not certifiably . Just a writer.

Next game? Spot the difference...
Does this mean if they invote you to Albacon, you're more likely to come??? PLEASES>>>>>>
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