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Default Re: Who is Elizabeth Kerner?

Brenda - yes, I did note with a lovely smug glow that Hans had compared Lanen to Paksenarrion (!) - I read Elizabeth Moon's work with sheer delight when it came out. In some ways, it shaped Lanen's character, in that I knew Elizabeth Moon had a military background and so could write with authority about warrior women. I had visions of Lanen as a warrior, at first, but realised when I read Pak's tales that there was no way I knew enough, or could know enough, about real warfare to come close to Moon's work, and it was obviously pointless to try. At that point, I realised that Lanen had a warrior spirit but very little eye-hand coordination! She's still lousy with a sword, though better than she used to be - I discovered that she had to express that spirit in another way.

Jube - thanks for letting me know what you were referring to. Without boring the pants off you (I could bore for my country on this subject! ), just let me say that I don't think any of those instances really show the characters waiting for some outside influence to help them. They were using the tools they had to solve their problems. Vilkas was born a wildly powerful healer with a damaged psyche, Aral was finding a new use for something her family had had for generations. As for Maran's Ladystar, I'll have to look that bit up myself - though as far as I'm concerned, wearing a Ladystar is rather like wearing a cross. It's a declaration of dedication to the Lady, not a magic object. Though it might work against vampires...
That which you do by act of will you must answer for.
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