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Default Re: Who is Elizabeth Kerner?

Lanen, firstly I'll appologise: I think our wavelengths were on the same par but it didn't come out that way at either end of the spectrum. I'll agree that when you don't know someone well enough, it comes out the wrong way or appears that way.

Okay the 3 things that have arisen out of it that I do remember reading (1) Vilkas using his power to destroy the demons (2) Aral using Loriakeris' soulgem and (3) Maran Vena (Lanen's mum) making a star-type medallion (honestly I'm trying to find the page here that I read it on) which several people used to pray to/bring forth the goddess to help with the situation at the time - it's kind of frustrating as I've only just finished it and that's why I made the comment in post 87 because it was like "why can't you lot stand on your two feet and expect someone else to do it?" when I read it. In the book, it was when they went to Maran's place, I think but I'll stand corrected if I'm wrong (which I've said in other threads before).

P.S. I still think that the series was a good read, regardless of the small points that I've brought up. After all, it was recommended to read something new and different to what I've read before. As a result, comparsions, differences etc were made at the time of reading "said books" so one needs to expect this to happen.
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