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Default Re: Who is Elizabeth Kerner?

Pax. Let's try again.

Jube, I did not in any way mean to put you down. All I was saying is that the good guys will always win in my books. I'm still confused, because we seem to both be arguing the same side of the point!

That's the problem with written communication with someone you don't know well, it's hard to hear the 'tone of voice' . I see good triumphing over evil as a good thing, and apparently you do too! So in fact we agree.

And - um - I don't remember any talismans in Redeeming the Lost. The only sudden bright light I remember - and I did write it several years ago and might have forgotten! - was when Vilkas, the healer, summoned all of his power for only the second time in his life, and started killing demons. (yuck) Is that the bit you mean?
That which you do by act of will you must answer for.
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