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Default Re: Collecting Highlight (51) Writers of the Future vol. 22 special, vol. 14 and vol. 2

I especially liked this bit:
BUY A DICTIONARY and check your spelling. Albeit many computers include a spell checker, but I'm always arguing with mine about the words I invent that are needed in a science fiction story. I also argue the spelling, since I work with the English-Irish, the English-English and the English-American conventions as well as grammar and snytax. And if you think that's funny, it is, but it's true. My American editor once said wistfully, "Anne, your English is too Irish to be American."

Thanks for posting her advice on writing. That was a great read! Sooo true! The funny thing is my mom once caught me saying "I've got to post the letter today" instead of, "mailing." ::chuckle:: It sounds much smoother to talk like that anyhow. And I simply don't know if I can survive w/o Word's thesaurus. It saves me every time.
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