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Default Re: About names of persons and places in the Kolmar Chronicles

It would be absolutely wonderful if clickable list of names and Kolmar terms on your site were at all possible, Lanen... I think I have a reasonable approximation in my head since the vowel values look pretty close to those of Finnish (with the notable exception of Kaelar, where Kae in Finnish wouldn't rhyme with sky - a as in father, e as in ethics, pronounced separately rather than as a dipthong).

I find Lanen's matronymic Maransdatter fascinating, mainly because matronymics are rare in literature and I suspect even rarer in real life. I hope she isn't the only woman in Kolmar who uses (or used) it. In my country, family names only became commonplace in the entire country as late as the late 19th century, until then, patronymics were commonly used, particularly among the peasantry. Never matronymics, though, children born to unwed daughters would automatically receive her father's name as a patronymic, and in fact would sometimes be entered in the books as the child of the grandparents (which is why you find women supposedly mothering children past 50 on the books) and in any case would usually be raised by them, perhaps never learning that a woman they thought of as a sister was in fact their mother.
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