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Default Re: About names of persons and places in the Kolmar Chronicles

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
Cheryl...what a fantastic idea...I would certainly be more than happy to write a few choosen words to help get such a lovely book tape onto the market....and into my collection.
Bless you Cheryl, Hans, Maelin! I am so blessed in my friends.

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
This has me all excited again about the new book...and the wonderful adventure we are going to find in it.
I surely hope so! I'm a bit stymied at the moment - my monitor has died! So I'm relegated to the laptop, which is uncomfortable to use and has too small a keyboard (I touch type and it's making me crazy!) so I can't write. ARGGGH! And I was just getting into the baddies' bit, darn it. Never mind, will have new monitor by the weekend at the latest. arggh arggh arggh ...
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