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Default Re: About names of persons and places in the Kolmar Chronicles

Thanks for your kind words, Lady Maelin!

There again, there may be something in this whole 'reading one's own work' idea. I read one of the early chapters of the current book to Steven last night, and he confessed at the end that he'd barely heard what I was saying because the *character* was so upset that I was crying as I read it and he was worried about me! (I am a bit of an actress, after all) I am considering reading that chapter into a .wav or MP3 file and sending it to my editor, in the vain hope that she will consider enquiring into my being able to read my own work for an audio book. Fingers crossed! Though I need to FINISH the book before this becomes an option.

Thanks for the votes of confidence, folks. I really appreciate them.

Back to it...
That which you do by act of will you must answer for.
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