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Default Re: About names of persons and places in the Kolmar Chronicles

Oh Lord Elizabeth...what a fantastic idea...any one or all of your books being read by you would be incredible for your fans.
After hearing you read one of them in Copenhagen, and being totaly spellbound by it...I can say that you reading your own books would be the best idea for selling have a lovely reading voice.

Oh I loved reading the above post about how you picked your character names...I have to agree with Hans...Boring, you must be kidding. Getting to hear or read those special tid bits of your personal how to's or how you did' incredibly interesting. I would think that all your fans would enjoy reading about those behind the covers bits.

I would dearly love to have all your books on CD's...I love to listen to my audio books when I'm working at my easel...and listening to the going on's in Kolmar would be lovely.
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